Intricate violence reports are steadily increasing

Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT

The number of allegations of attack was in close proximity last year with over 30 per cent. Stock Photography.

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After reports from women about violence in close relations have fallen for several years, the figures are now back at the same rate as in 2015. Last year, just over 13,000 reports from the police, t which is a 32 per cent increase compared to 2017, reporting Svenska Dagbladet.

As a result of Metoo's petition and the sexual offenses debate that followed, the police were forced to report, according to Mats Lindström, who is the divisional manager for crime against the police in the close association of the police. T Stockholm town.

– I think the number of crimes is the same as it was before, but the separation has been raised because there has been a debate about the crimes over the years. here, he says to SvD.

The number of cases of female trafficking in a close relationship rose by 17 per cent last year, compared with the previous year. On the other hand, the proportion of cases clarified was slightly lower than last year, at 15 per cent.

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