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Introduce compulsory vaccination of all children


Swedish people are obliged to see compulsory vaccination.

This shows a new study from Gothenburg University.

Most people currently ask for the compulsory vaccination program for compulsory children, reporting TT.

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The Gothenburg University hosts a Som annual survey every year as a majority want to see compulsory vaccination for children in Sweden. The question was raised in recent years, so it seems that the Swedish people are introducing the proposal.

In Italy, a law has been introduced which requires children to be immunized to go to school.

– We have a situation in Europe, where we see a lower exposure to vaccines, against, among others, says Björn Rönnerstrand, a researcher at Som Institute, to TT.

He says that the survey shows that three out of four people want compulsory vaccination.

– And as a result of the continuing debate on messages required for vaccination on social media, it is interesting that three-quarters still say that they want a compulsory childhood immunization program, Rönnerstrand told TT.

At the same time, it says that vaccine in Sweden today works well – for example, around 97 per cent of the nation's two children had been vaccinated with him. measles, dogs and red dogs in 2015.

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