Investigators believe in "Fortnite"

In three days there is attracted the 10 million player game, pulled up a message by 16 per cent trading on Friday. Surveys are well-known, and believe that there is one reason that people like a "Ninja" have a huge impact on the Twitch website.

"It's an amazing number and a great start on a new main EA building, something that needs its company after several slashes to the non-sporting series," said Andrew Uerkwitz at Oppenheimer & Co.

Wedbush's Security Inspector, Michael Pachter, believes that the game can mean revenue around around SEK 1 billion next year.

"It's based on it The order orders that a free game creates about ten dollars per year per user; Play every month, "he says.

"Apex Legends" is a pop-up, "Fortnite" battleball game, which is the last one on a map, in "Apex" issues, you play in one team with two other.

Instead of paying for a & # 39; game, players can spend money in the game through minorities, to change the appearance of the game characters.

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