It is Elina Ryd Majornas Lana Del Rey Gothenburg Mail

He is certainly honorable to be compared to a world star. Lana Del Rey was completely slottsskogen when she joined Together the West of 2017. At the same time, it is not very difficult to compare compared to other artists, 39; who he is. The Gothenburg singer Elina Ryd, indeed, struggles for his own style, a particular word, after Lana Del Ryd.

– I like Lana Del Rey and think that it's a nice comparison but something wrong. Above all, I believe that the voices that people have made are different. We make it pretty beautiful, we sing the songs well in the table and it's a great deal. feeling … good, classical and timeless. A bit soft. Lana Del Rey is singing naturally and I'll also be able to sing it. try to do that. However, I do not think the music is so similar, it has completely different representations.

Like resolving conflict

On Friday, Elina Ryd's new album comes, and just like the first two years album, she has done herself. However, Mattias Glavå (Håkan Hellström, Brother Daniel, Anna Järvinen, Joel Alme, Dungen, etc.) have helped to control the directions in the studio to find the sound and emotion that Elina Ryd wants.

– Mattias is very suited and good at getting the sound. I can describe words like I want to make a sound and then it's sorted out.

Should you do yourself or is it a financial decision?

– Maybe there are both. It's been fascinating to keep going on. All of the process, in particular to do the wire settings, but there may be a rented representative for my next record. It would be fun to see how a outside person would be completely different from his / her; put on my music, & maybe & # 39; Trying to reach a completely different area and with new support in the songs.

Perhaps Rick Rubin is lying in the studio sofa and things that are tired as "yellowier …"?

– (laughter) Yes, is that something? We see, if I had a huge budget, I was pleased to introduce many people. Now it's not really.

Low-budget projects

No, no. The records of Elina Ryd say they have small budget projects and they are spread on her own company, but famous musicians are still in the sights.

In addition to Mattias Glavå, he also participates in the piano and musician of the French Matti Ollikainen as well as Erik Ivarsson, Jonas Galatius, Donovan Von Martens and Anders Augustsson as a host guitar, 39; Despite limited resources, Friday's music video also comes to the song "Gone with the wind". However, there are no CDs, vinyl, no cassettes do not believe.

– No, there was nothing like that. The disk is not distributed directly to digital. If the budget was a bit bigger, I prefer to put the money on another music video.

Name: Ida Elina Therese Eva Midwinter Clear.

Age: 36 years.

Life: Major.

Fàs: In Jönköping with her little sister, Elize Ryd, singing in her; metal watt Amaranthe.

Currently with: The "Den luft" record and gig at HPKSM Studio on 6 March.

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