Jerebko was interested in the Warriors after poking

"Why is it so valuable"

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Jonas Jerebko is to go to & # 39; for Warriors

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Sometimes the last trip came in.

But tonight, Jonas Jerebko kept the second game in the Golden State.

"Jerebko is so valuable," said Steve Kerr's coach ahead of the Phoenix Suns impact meeting.

Jonas Jerebko has been successful in the Golden State Warriors this season.

The Swede was a fascinating time and the listeners were very impressed with the Oracle Arena.

But recently the Swede has risen to a lesser extent.

When the family was waiting for a few weeks ago, their 31-year-old lost three games away, and after that, the Warriors have become so abusive.

It is said that this is the new summer summer season, DeMarcus Cousins, since the last month was re-launched after being away all the time. lesions due to health injury.

"Recognize that we can count on Jerebko"

According to NBC, Steve Kerr's coach confirms that a Chousin entry influences Jerebko's play, but that the Swede is a " hitting the best way.

– One of the reasons why Jerebko is so precious. He understands the circumstances. He understands how the league works, so it will be finished when it is named and I know that we can count on it. It is not easy to play in that role, but that is the important role, Kerr said earlier for the evening meeting with the Phoenix Suns.

A game where Jerebko got a chance again – and correctly, so he was ready when he got the chance.

The whole team got to enjoy dunk

In total, there were 17.35 minutes of play time for Jerebko who delivered seven points, five concepts and two assistants. In other words, a strong new game, just like in the meeting with San Antonio Spurs today.

The worst thing was that; when he stood for a dunk one hand in the third verse that the team got on his bargain to stand up with his arms in the air.

Both of them thought Warriors' leadership was 80-78 in a game that won the regulatory campaigns also by 117-107.

Jerebko was something ab & # 39; better in additional team / minus team statistics for +22.

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