Jessica Almenäs added a fun on the Western Isles – a murder was alleged

Jessica Almenäs.

Describe text and fax recordings

He reports on Expressen and Aftonbladet.

Appointed on Facebook, which was divided into thousands of times and received thousands of ideas, Johanna Kempe attacked her; program and entertainment mode run with her, dog and dog fun. Many of the ideas offer a chance to The program deals with Johanna Kempe as a bullying.

Johanna Kempe thinks that Jessica Almenäs is getting involved and she is in a position. worried about her, the dog and sports sport that is part of the National Sports Society and which includes that, with her. dog interrupts two points in the shortest time.

The clip was from a SM competition and a bit; Johanna Kempe's first competition with her dog. She tells Expressen that she sees her how the goods were around, that it is a sport that is more difficult than she looks and is satisfied with her; achieved. It's scared that the way you talked about the fun in "Breaking News" means people do not want to use it.

Jessica Almenäs went out with an excuse where she stated that she was a humorous program in everything and that the intention was not "to be inserted inside you , dog or sport ".

Johanna Kempe in Aftonbladet said about the excuse: "I work with children and we talk very much about dealing with others that you want to handle yourself, and if You say sorry, you mean that. "

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