Juventus Douglas Costa is involved in a traffic accident

Photograph: Alessandro Di Marco / TT NEWS OFFICE / NTB Scanpix

deDaniel Sörensen

The Juventus, Douglas Costa, 28 attack star was involved in a Monday traffic crash.

The Brazilian car front was completely demolished after fighting with another car.

It was on the road between Milan and Turin that the crash came Monday.

Juventus Brazilian External Forward Douglas Costa took place in Jeep Cherokee and attacked another car.

Daily Mail writes that the accident has not yet been clear – the traffic policing started in Novara Est.

She will go to hospital

It is clear that Costa has a huge stroke.

Despite his car, seriously injured, especially in front, after & # 39; war, the Brazilian was completely defended.

The person who was driving the second car to the hospital Biella Hospital with small injuries. His carriage car, Fiat Punto, was hit from the back and left; suffered a lot of damage too.

Heavy snow in Juve

A Brazilian national team has been struggling on the football since this summer, he wrote a permanent move to Juventus.

It only made a goal of 24 matches this season.

He had previously played in the Brazilian Guild, Hungary Donetsk Sjkto and German Bayern Munich.

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