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There has been a long-standing tradition that, over time, teachers who were overwhelming had a problem to get their headache. Tony Pansell is an optician, associate professor and senior lecturer and, among other things, he receives children who have been transferred to a hospital nurse. They have a headache and are difficult to maintain in school and now there are no books beyond the regular staircase on the staircase that is upstairs. The youngest children are as young as six, seven years old.

Today it is so bad to see young children with "school eyes"? sore head and heavy eyes.

Eye treats

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It's easy to manage short-term effects from taking too much by mobile or mobile, but there are also long-term effects, according to Tony Pansell.

One problem that can arise from watching for a long time on a screen is nearby as myopia is false. The eye is circulating and throwing down as he can't rest and the eye is still close together.

If you are looking vague in the longest distance and with a headache, we suspect manners and eyes. We normally ask if you wake up with a headache or if it comes during the day. A sore head comes through the day and leaves if you look away.

More common, the front face is broken, and their eyes are broken. This is what many middle-aged people know? Suddenly, you have to keep everything with stretched arms and reading glasses to see clearly. But Tony Pansell's patients are now away to middle age.

We handle children as if they were 20-30 years older.

Easy to handle

Tony Pansell is careful not to be damage but to a temporary disruptive system and to be easily handled. But the two states are difficult for the children.

It affects quality of life and vision and makes it harder to keep up with the school. A headache can make less weight.

The problem is that many people go about and think that it is common for many others in the class to also get a headache. Many children understand that the problems are linked to the screens, but they fear they may get rid of screen time.

The medicine is simple? the children get a reading glass with plenty of +1 and a few months after that the majority are good back. Often you talk to the children and their parents what to sit in front of the screen.

Too much impact can take too long to look at at a short pace.

When you look up close, the picture ends naturally on the back of the eye. What happens if you look closely at the close that their eyes are beginning to grow to attack the image, and then the eye is only too long. That is what pulls it back, the sight is too long when it is changed close to sight, and one word appears unclear.

Crimes in Asia

As their eyes grow, the eye wall becomes thinner and gets more likely to get rid of the bone and green when they get older. In some Asian countries, there are nearly 80 per cent of secondary school students and 20% close to their vision. In Asia, the problem is so serious that the World Health Organization (WHO) is considered to be a pandemic.

In Sweden and Europe you can't talk about pandemic, but myopia also spread here. The reason for this is still unknown, but it is very clear that the front of the screen has an impact on the vision.

No, there is no detailed science about the amount of time in front of the screen. Tony Pansell calls for sensible, not to sit an hour and an hour with the screen.

Should a six-year-old child be sitting on a course for several hours? T No. Should we ban films completely? No. If I had been an app developer, I had developed an app that took the screen to close every five minutes until someone had to break.

Sunlight helps

It's good to live outdoors. Sunlight with UV radiation lets substance in the rhetoric that stops it's long-term growth. So, it is also important that children go out in school and that they do not sit within the mobile. Furthermore, he shouldn't keep one thing too close to the eyes, the science shows that it is having an impact on long-term effects.

For adults who are allowed to take responsibility for the screen screen, he suggests the 20 to 20 rule. Every twenty minutes you take your second look and look at the fact. twenty meters away.

Relax, look out of divinity. And if you are having difficulties, get help from an optician.

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