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Metro will become a man morning paper with subscription

We are at the Norwegian headquarters of Christen Ager-Hanssen in Mayfair in central London. Here, there are three steps up the street in Grafton Street, adjacent to the specific business street New Bond Street, showing the owner of Metro and the CEO and it is here that he will lead the industry. by Custos, his company property.

Behind this door and three floors, the Viking man, Christen Ager-Hanssen, dominates the work of London from London.
Christen Ager-Hanssen's head office is in Mayfair in central London.

It is Saturday and Metro property owner who is the ultimate tour of the grade three aerial buildings with 16 people working throughout the week. He says he works "24/7".

– I sleep four hours, maybe five, and go to bed at four. I work better between midnight and four in the morning.

And it's not a common job in the headquarters. No, he is at war, he says that he is fighting hard.

Christer Ager-Hanssen promises 100-150 million in the case of a new category


On his own desk, two Apple giants looked at a smaller frame.

He says that he always engages with the editors in Stockholm through a variety of digital platforms and shows how he will keep staff informed about what is happening through the internet. Slack digital channel.

– See that I am currently meeting Expressen.

Metro staff are asking their chief executive to be there. They want to be in Stockholm, not London.

– If you are a commander, general, and out of war to save this company. Should I then give the castle a home for protection? I don't win the war. I have to do everything and do the work. The thing I noticed was getting the application, what is needed in the proposal to rebuild it. I have not given staff any benefit by being based.

Can you understand that the employees think you should have been in the last week, especially on a Friday when you rejected the payments?

– Staff who have that vision do not understand anything. If I'm out in the war and fighting, fighting and fighting, Christen Ager-Hanssen says, getting up quickly, turning his body and showing what he means. Should I then speak to the staff, then I will get a shot in the back and the company goes out of credit. It doesn't make any difference. I understand the employees that haven't been there.

Christen Ager-Hanssen says he is always at war.


Christen Ager-Hanssen says that he is aiming at Metro:

– My job is to save the company.

In the event of a wage being paid, the employee is liable for payment of bills, rent and other charges.

– The alternative is that we go into credibility. You should check how many inspirational emails I received from staff with words like "stand on" and "Fight".

He believes that the current concept which is currently for the paper magazine, is distributed entirely through the SL.

– It is so simple that the company is not delivered and that there is no future if you do not make major changes. That's all.

With the decision of the Area Court re-built, and where the creditors agreed to write down their claims, it should be possible to save the company, which believes Christen Ager-Hanssen.

He says that he has drawn a number of card issues where he sees Metro paying too much before he became a Chief Executive.

Christen Ager-Hanssen reports on an ongoing agreement with SEK 2.3 million which he wrote, but where he called and sent the sum to SEK 400,000.

– This is a legacy (legacy) in Sweden. It doesn't matter agreeing agreements, one goes into the established patterns that are always done.

"I would have to tear them with the root"

He says that he is in principle that he set up all the contracts with Metro.

– This was a legacy (a legacy) that I would have to tear up with the root, like a terrible tooth of you. The tooth is so worrying and threatening that you have to hang it, clean it and put it back with titanium screw and place it on a 50-year porcelain strap. It is this job that I do with Metro, and he says after explaining all sorts of different things how he drew out the bad teeth.

Apparently you are at war?

– We are always at war. In the war a man must know his personal enemy. Or a personal enemy in Swedish.

Christen Ager-Hanssen pulls a parable where he mentions 12 people invited to dinner.

– Then you can expect that six is ​​ready to knit the knife in the back of the table if you are in an open position. This is the case for everyone who has succeeded.

That's how you feel?

– It is for everyone who has succeeded.

You're probably always in war?

– I have customers who help me with this type of conflict management. It is part of my business. One of the best sources of finance for me is that I am a good hero.

Christen Ager-Hanssen reports on an ongoing agreement with SEK 2.3 million which he wrote, but where he called and sent the sum to SEK 400,000.

It's sad that we made a trip to the Metro this week with unplanned work, a job that was wrong and we corrected.

– a journey that was intended, unbelievable, totally unspoilt. he says and shows a text message from the Royal Court that wants good luck with the rebuilding of the company.

You did not always have good relations with Kronofogden. Your own 17 million tax debts?

– It was you who started the fight against me on twenty years' debts, debts I have debated.

Half a million people are left in tax debt.

– It is a very barren case. I live in London. If you have a debate against it, you will run it in London. No refund of tax revenues can be found in London.

In almost all of the interview, he rises, speaking intensely and strongly. There is no doubt in her voice.

The Future of Metro, what should happen?

– I have a clear plan for Metro and I am so thankful now that I write in this titanium screw. We have cleared the roots and now I will take this beautiful, beautiful crown.

Depending on the application for reconstruction, the debt is up to 59 million.

– I've gone through the debris and now I clean. We'll own the Metro, according to Christen Ager-Hanssen.


Christen Ager-Hanssen says that he intends to be the Chief Executive until Metro is reconstructed and to find a new Chief Executive. He plans to go to war on his behalf, and in part to find that the creditors, including the Swedish Tax Group, agree with him, and to mount a case. T law against the property company Kinnevik where Cristina Stenbeck is on the table.

– There was a need for change. But the company blew as it was but a lot of Kinnevik side detection.

Sorry summaries for Kinnevik

It shows some of the acts, including a Metro board protocol, which indicates that Kinnevik can be destroyed and Custos. But the whole picture is not complete as we have not seen all the documents.

– 2016, an e-mail was sent spread stating that the Kinnevik re-organization with Metro was dead. Now, they tried to find a merchant, or had no restructuring on SEK 200 million, which they had to take because there was a stone shop. For us, numbers who showed profit, showed that it was a loss, just as you wrote in Expressen. I will delete Kinnevik for this and I'll get the money back. It was against Kinnevik and the man who was ahead of the workers.

He names an old man in Metro who he believed has doubled it and exploded Metro numbers on behalf of Kinnevik.

– The difference between me and me is that I won't let the workers down. I fight for the workers. Now we need to make changes, we cannot work the Metro in the way we did. We must think again. My view is that we roll out quite differently. We deliver directly to households.

Design a Metro subscription

Christen Ager-Hanssen says that the magazine should be distributed in two ways. Overall, as the company operates commercial ventures focused on advertising aimed at a region, the link to the magazine may change to another area, largely through a written basic debate.

– It is a basic edit for a monthly or monthly fee. If you want to make sure you receive the newspaper, you should subscribe to it at a very low cost. Maybe $ 20, we didn't make a decision about the price.

How is spirit Kinnevik?

– I think what country I should go to. We are doing our legal research where we think it is better to proceed.

You mean where it takes maximum effect?

– I'm not interested in taking Kinnevik at home. Our damage has happened abroad.

You said before you closed 50,000 emails?

– There is more. When I started this inspection, I found that the Chief Executive had been deceitful. As an employer your email is. He sent Kinnevik away and a Kinnevik representative emailed Metro. Then I got the emails.

Are you also looking at news emails?

– No, no. Only those who were worrying the people responsible, box NN.

Will Metro survive?

– I've gone through the debris and now I clean. We live with the Metro. We are superdigital. I'm a digital entrepreneur, I'm not a clipper. Then the cloth is large and there are some items in print, not the digital ones. However, it is important to work intelligently. But we had to change what we changed. It is a business model that is not working. Kinnevik knew that, so they made "Pump and Dump".

This view is taken – the free Metro newspaper in the subway.


Christen Ager-Hanssen says Metro is in communication with the Swedish Tax Organization. However, the company will have to be rebuilt before it becomes a new joint issue. First, a business plan, then capital to be good.

How much money should you go into?

– We have archives in line. It is an international archive that would like to invest. They like our digital concept. We will partner.

Who then?

– Why should I talk to you about it. But it is inspirational owners and they engage in partnership. Our strategic focus is not to work with the media. He wants to work with the media. Then we have no problem in becoming the primary owner of such a company. But we can part of the owners.

It is not clear how to build. If they are going to take part as a partner in Metro or the property company Metro works.

– There are a number of opportunities.

Mayfair's wealthy rivals in London include Christen Ager-Hanssen hoping to get money to continue working with Metro – especially in digital form.


New Metropolis from Rich in London?

How much money should you go into?

– To get a digital media house with Metro, we might import 100 million, probably 150 million.

Can you scratch it together?

– Of course. I know the most powerful families here in Mayfair. It forms part of the network. I'll take the money on “Friends and family walks”.

I am not answering the question that powerful families might be willing to contribute to the Metro.

Why do you take the Metro?

– I like the challenges. I like to do what others think it is not possible. T Metro is very interesting.

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