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Minister Halland: "Getting a Trouble" – News in Falkenberg – 24 hours a day

The increase in energy drink among Swedish youths can stop, reports Expressen. The magazine interviews the hall and the Rural Affairs Minister Jennie Nilsson (S) for the maximum amount of caffeine in energy drinks. This may be relevant for future Swedish legislation.

– Including a maximum amount of caffeine content in energy drinks, I think it's a way to get rid of the problem, but we need to look at a number of parts. And evaluate if there is uncertainty for such a measure, for example, Jennie Nilsson (S) to Expressen says.

Jennie Nilsson (s) has is now commissioned to look at the National Food and Food Administration report from 2018. The report is examine how to drink energy and caffeine young people. Among other things, it is recommended to look at it Denmark and Germany Examples where the highest molecular content of a caffeine is a liter of every energy drug force.

After that report on a review, it can now no longer be necessary to include the largest caffeine of energy drinks in Swedish law. But the rural minister does not know when he / she is; happening, maybe inside "six months to five years," said Expressen.

From your own Expanded brush quotation is a cafe of caffeine and energy drinks character. She sees the energy consumption of young people as a problem.

– The development we see is a problem, it is increasing and increasing young people. It is also a problem that there is a bad knowledge of the negative causes, and what one believes to positive impact. That person thinks it's good in a way that does not, Jennie Nilsson (s) said for Expressen.

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