Missed tickets are sold to Gröna Lund's concerts

Concert tickets for Sarah Klang, Fricky and Lenny Kravitz are not sold on the Viagogo site. The gigs will be held at Gröna Lund this summer. It is expected that the pressure will be big.

But on Viagogo you can put your hands on the interesting tickets. The problem is only the tickets are tight – and they do not promise to access the revival park, and # 39; writing the Gaffa music magazine.

He can not store one place for the Lund Blue genera. If it is full, the gates will be closed, regardless of the ones that are in the # 39; trip that bought tickets or not.

Bluff site warnings

Gröna Lund's information manager Annika Troselius, responds strongly to Viagogo's procedures.

– You should never buy tickets for any of our outdoor party receptions. Our concerts will cost a fraction of what Viagogo is to; sell for and if you buy the seasonal card you get into each concert for SEK 290, she says to Gaffa.

In early February, the site based on the Scheme was added to the Agency's warning list. User. Why was the reason why? of customer messages. Some did not understand it was about tickets on the one hand, and it did not make sure that induction was made.

Need to do anything

Even Gröna Lund has tried to inform the site of the police, but not succeed. Because there is no criminal offense against their acting park, but against the face of customers, can do anything.

Instead, Gröna Lund will be issued with warnings for customers about purchasing concert tickets through the page.

– In our eyes, Viagogo is setting up those who buy tickets, but we can not do more than warn visitors; concert. He's too fucking, says Annika Troselius to Gaffa.

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