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Mora won when the sailors were back

2–0 were in Leksand games ahead of him, and despite all the difficult conditions, he was optimistic in Lord's camp before the match.

– We were pressed for this game, but we had discussed it before and it was completely different when we went into the ice than in the last two games, according to what I heard, according to Oskar t Svanlund.

Axel Brage, a star in Leksand's goal, was the first time. Morar then received four goals in less than six minutes.

– It was very confusing, but at the same time it is the game and it has to let into the pile, so it was just keeping going and finally falling t yes, Svanlund says.

He set the aim 2–0 himself, but it doesn't focus much on it.

– It is always important to make goals, but it doesn't matter who does the goals, not only did we win the games and put them out, says Oskar Svanlund.

Engstrand: "My plea"

Two years ago he made three visits in six games when Mora sent out Leksand out of SHL.

-I seem to be against me and I am going to achieve my goals.

Christian Engstrand, who was defending the first goal of the last two graduates, had to do the first game in this year's class.

– My plague, it's fun to play again and always play to play against Leksand. These meetings are mostly hot, it says.

He was six minutes away from keeping zero but still to be admitted in two – which was said in Leksand by Filip Johansson that he was important in his mind.

– Do not mind. If we had won 8–7 we would still be lucky. He is about winning games. How the pavilion thinks you are bringing them, says Engstrand, and thanking the team: t

– We cover shots and wars and play as a team today.

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