Organizations need more protection for the woodland

Photograph: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

More environmental and natural organizations want more protection for a Swedish forest. Stock Photography.


More forests need to be protected and the Sveaskog forestry management should be reviewed. He writes representatives of 23 environmental and natural groups in a discussion article in Dagens Nyheter and at the same time. launch "Vår skog".

Behind the petition, among other things, is a Swedish Association for Nature Conservation, World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace, which favors the agreement called January between the Government, Center and Liberals where it is mentions the new Svea forest program.

However, Sveaskog's rule is essential and seeks more responsibility for sustainable forestry.

"Sveaskog land management has not yet reached national and international environmental goals, largely due to high output letters", and its representatives.

So he asks that the management of Sveaskog's ownership has changed and made a number of requests to the government. Among other things, the organizations want long-term protection for each state forest with high natural values. He also wants the state and Sveaskog to become the core of ecosystem based forestry:

"The government and Ibrahim Baylan can turn the shift and it will greatly help Sveaskog move to sustainable forestry and protect our forests."

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