Oscar Enestad is supported by Cecilia Dahlbom after the Melodifestivalen

Cecilia, 50: "Is it so proud"

deLinn Elmervik, Torbjörn Ek

Malmo. Oscar Enestad, 21, has helped him with his beloved Cecilia Dahlbom, 50, after the jumbo scene.

After broadcast live, it was consistent with her lover on her; party after that.

– I'm so proud of it, Cecilia says.

Oscar Enestad Singing openly about her relationship, but there was not enough. The former man Rays & O-This is the ball and the song "I love it" in the second Melodifestivalen competition in Malmö today.

After broadcasting, he was supported by the girlfriend Cecilia Dahlbom. Late on Saturday night, Oscar and Cecilia joined together for their later party for artists and members of TV production. Then Cecilia said she was proud of her sweetheart.

– I'm speechless. I'm so proud of her, she says.

"Was it a feeling"

How did he feel he had seen the song tonight?

– What do you think? I'm so proud.

Or, she does not want to be interviewed, but Oscar dropped midnight during the night.

Jumbo's picture is not surprised by Oscar Enestad himself.

– I felt that I would just go on when I was done on the platform. I got a weird feeling that he would not go on the way. I think we've done such a lot as Mello is not right, he says.

Oscar has previously stated that the "My love" contribution is about the struggle for the relationship with Cecilia Dahlbom and that his parents had a problem to accept their age difference.

1 out of 2 | Photograph: Robin Lorentz-Allard

Oscar and Cecilia at that party later.

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