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Pre-school to reduce adventure risk – Uppsala

In 2001, a law was established that the towns would be required to offer at least 15 hours of pre-school week to children without work. Researchers at Uppsala University and IFAU (Institute for the Evaluation of Labor and Labor Market Policy) have examined what happened to the health of these children after they started pre-school. This was done by examining hospital inputs and prescribed drugs.

Uppsala was not among the 150 areas inspected.

The researchers showed the years before and after the reform and compared them to the development. In short-term, there was an increase in the number of children in hospital for infectious diseases.

– Then we followed the children in the middle school and then we did not have any impact on pre-school access to the risk of having to be a nurse in the hospital. However, we saw that children who had access to pre-school were less likely to be drugs that ordered asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems, saying Anna Sjögren, of four authoritative authors, report.

The researchers argue that the pre-school may have an explanation that their children are open to a more senior autosation, which may threaten from respiratory problems.

What are you making decisions from here?

– One decision is to draw one of them that it seems likely to give this group the chance to Pre-school access if long-term protection against respiratory problems. It seems to have a positive impact, Anna Sjögren says.

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