Proper artists deceived of women's wives – warn police

Police warn: "Spring rises"

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Two craftsmen smiled at a woman 87 years to order a roof renewal.

They burned it to a bank because it would send hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the banker became suspicious and frightened the police – maybe the plotters could catch him again.

Two men visited the 87-year-old in Åkersberga on the weekend to depart.

Men pretended to be tradesmen from a company and persuaded them to re-house the house.


The 87-year-old was driven by false craftsmen to the Akersberga center. The photograph was taken earlier.

They then asked her to go with them in their car to go to a bank and pay in advance. According to information to Aftonbladet, men wanted SEK 225,000 to restore the roof.

But in connection with the woman giving the sum to the men, the banker thought he was badly judged.

– It is like a banker, says Mattias Tillberg, a town police officer in Österåker, where Åkersberga is included.

The men then removed and then the police reported a police report.

But the two went away.

– The next day, the people returned home and they began to renovate her house, although they didn't get the money. A neighbor saw this and then called the policemen, said Mattias Tillberg.

The two men were suspected of committing fraud, but were released again.


Mattias Tillberg says that trades usually turn in the spring – and that one should be very careful. He asks everyone to employ "craftsmen".

– When you have decided to paint the wall for a while or you can change the patio, you may sometimes disturb problems when they appear, as you think it is smooth and simple – but not t proceed.

It is usually about travel leagues that could be very dangerous and customary. In most cases, they focus on the elderly. Only Österåker 's municipality, where Mattias Tillberg is working, will examine several cases where housing is destroyed.

– Several members of the community have been contacted and sold their services. Sometimes residents would feel at risk and sometimes they had been urged to agree to the door.

– And then they have started a job that they don't finish often. Once they have received the money they draw from that, you will stand there with an incomplete house.

Is it usual for them to return the person to the bank?

-This is an approach that we have seen before.

"They're not going"

It also states that you count as employers if you employ them – and this can have a greater impact.

– If something happens to the working environment, you are accountable, for example, you are responsible if they are damaging themselves. And even fiscal, they don't cost as they should.

Police say the first warning sign is that the “tradesmen” door is going to sell services.

– Heavy craftsmen do not do that. If you need to refurbish your house, it is important that you contact a company that you are subject to, that you have a Certificate of Taxation, and that you register with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Tax Credit Office. Sweden.

– If you know they are in the area, you are welcome to visit the police on 114 14 and give advice, and to give advice to neighbors and help them to say not. If you feel there is a risk, you can call 112.

Then you recognize some fine craftsmen

So the number of crimes in Sweden is increasing 00:43

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