Researchers: Bacteria can cause dementia

Our mental wellbeing can be a major impact on bacterial bacteria. Belgian researchers will argue in a new study.

Some of the bacteria can cause dementia, and others think they are giving some protection against the unfavorable state. The researchers, who publish the results in the Nature Microbiology knowledge magazine, have taken stool specimens from just over 1,000 people within a special project called Flemish Gut Flora.

The studies show that many of the intestinal bacteria are positively or negatively linked to mental health.

For example, two of the bacteria, Coprococcus and Dialists, were consistently rare in people with severe difficulty – at least treated with incapable.

Bacteria and depression

The researchers say that a research circle has long-term discussion of a possible link between severe bacteria and dementia.

The subject is controversial – but most of its & # 39; show that the connection is true. Many of the plants make neuro-active materials, that is, materials that are inactive. affecting our nervous system and so on our mental condition.

Some of the components, among other things, can cause doping, a chemical product that is included in the dopamine neurotransmitter, which is linked to our rewarding system and so on.

Catalog of intestinal bacteria

The researchers behind the survey, led by microbiologist Jeroen Raes at Leuvou University in Belgium, examined a genome of more than 500 bacteria from the human breeding course.

They have now made a catalog of the different microbes and non-active materials that they are doing.

Some of the products appear to be able to create a battery of materials with different different effects.

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