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Reveals: The pyrotechnics in the Gossip-IFK Gothenburg have been hiding in advance

deMichael Wagner

Gothenburg. The rockets killed at Bravida Arena were not inserted through a public door.

The pyrotechnics, rocket boxes, were previously hidden in store, according to Sportbladet activities.

– These items can not be circulated beyond the screening, says IFK Göteborgs Johan Fridén's safety co-ordinator.

Hundreds of rockets were killed from the IFK Gothenburg system immediately when the second half started in the Swedish Cup meeting between IFK Gothenburg and Gais.

The rockets came from "New Year" classes; light up and then roll out several rockets at the same time.

– We can prove that this is the type of pyrotechnics that were ruled. We have looked at the search films. We also see who it is, "said IFK Göteborgs Johan Fridén's safety coordinator to Sportbladet.

"There are more than 50 people, at least"

Are the people boiled?

– Yes, Fridén says. With her eyes

How many are involved in hunting rockets?

– It's hard to say, but there are more than 50 people, at least, who are masquerade.

Are everyone involved in burning?

– Yes, in one way or in another way.

Can you see if someone is trying to translate?

– We have not been able to see that even more detailed. We did not review the pictures so big. We want to focus on & # 39; a game that has been broken out later.

As a security expert in the IFK Gothenburg, can you draw any conclusions about the people or organizations behind this behind?

– No, unfortunately.

"He can not smash"

According to Sportbladet data, the rockets have not been put into smuggling through public entrances and security checks during the day of their game.

There were hidden pyrotechnics in the previous Bravida Arena store.

– No, he can not be excavated into this.

It's been around it?

– & maybe that way. With its highest appearance, it has been in the past, Johan Fridén says.

Do you have any fabrics on how this has happened?

– Yes, we do. But because it can be part of a criminal investigation, I do not want to go into any information. We'll look later. We need to take steps on this. We have contacted the police about the event, Fridén says.

On socially-illustrated illustrations, it is clear how people in black jackets with cuts and hatchows are allowing to drop rocket boxes.

The rocket boxes were then driven to the plane.

Mats Engström, President of the IFK Gothenburg, said:

– This affects both sport and financial for IFK Gothenburg. Its behaviors are totally inappropriate. These are not the general supporters who commit crime without a number of people who are rude to the most difficult.

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