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Stina Nilsson is on site in Seefeld to save her World Cup

deAnna Rydén, Petra Thorén

SEISER ALM / SEEFELD / GÖTEBORG. Stina Nilsson is located at the Seefeld World Championship tournament.

Here, the star sprint happy with the final arrangements to save the start of a campaign.

His Viking competitors hope he will go on the way.

"Sweden is very dangerous at the relay with Stina Nilsson, but I still keep the fingers and the fingers to come to Seefeld and her; Going into a competition, "said Therese Johuag.

It has been a recent month since Stina Nilsson, in a high format, removed from the ski center in Otepää by a mill that was destroyed. A survey established a few days later that the skipper had suffered a wild fracture inside the right spiral.

The truth was poor: it was not very similar to the start of the World Cup.

But the revival has been more than expected and last year the decision was made that Stina Nilsson would go to Austria and the Seefeld World Tour tourism tournament to make the latest information about the revival on the site.

On Friday, Stina Nilsson, an Olympic gold winner in last year, came to the Swedish National Group's World Cup Hotel just outside Seefeld.

Here at Panoramahotel Inntalerhof, Stina Nilsson will continue to revitalize, with the aim that she will be able to run the sprint next Thursday at a fast-paced World Cup, but the smallest disaster be at risk.

This is what Stina Nilsson said earlier this week in a statement from a Swedish society.

– The last few weeks have been trying to test me, but I am very grateful and proud of the work that I performed, along with the medical team. Now, it's just about to continue with a degree at the same time and hope for the best thing, said Stina Nilsson.

Photograph: Anna Rydén.

Stina Nilsson is located at Panoramahotel Inntalerhof just outside Seefeld.

"It is very happy"

At the Hotel Seefeld, Marcus Bystedt, a national team physiologist who works closely with Stina Nilsson in the past weeks. The team's team coach, Johan Olsson and the election team are also there.

A few miles away, in Italy Seiser Alm, are three Viking competitors living. They rejoiced when the Swedish came, tell them a press conference earlier Friday.

– First, I'm very pleased to come to the World Cup and maybe it's also running. I was thinking and I hoped to do everything. She and everyone are confident that the format is now right when she can not do everything she's doing but has been shown before she can work as Well, Ingvild Flugstad Östberg says:

– Norwegian is more difficult for us but I think it's good that Stina is on the World Cup start line.

"Holding all branches and thumbnails"

Therese Johaug does not compete in a sprint, but he's a Looking forward to meeting a Swedish star in other distances, such as the classical relay.

– Sweden is experiencing a major risk in the relay with Stina Nilsson but I still have a great deal. Hold every branch and order until she comes to Seefeld and her. going on. The best thing about competitions is that everyone is on the start line. Then the feeling is bigger than if you know that "if it was here we would not take the gold". I hope everyone will be organized so that we can make it up, saying the ones who prefer them.

Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen agrees and hopes that every piece of riddles will fall into the Swedish star.

– We were very happy here when we heard that she was going to do that because it is more likely that she just does not. start then. So we hope that she is healthy if she comes to her first time to make no injuries because she is Everyone likes that everything is best ahead and can fight it. So we all encourage Stina and we hope it will be enough.

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