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Stina Nilsson talks about her injury

Stina Nilsson has gone on to start in the Seefeld World Cup.

It was in sprint Otepää on January 19 that Nilsson's daughter had finished her closing end; final and have suffered a ban.

Since then she has been fighting against her; clock to go to the World Cup. On Tuesday, the 25-year-old did the first appearance on the media after injuring.

– I am delighted to be, she says.

– B & B factory; to go up. To start at the bottom and then take the step slowly, so that you do not block any. For me, it's been in great four weeks. I have been reinforced in everyday life by being able to connect the shoes better. Such things have made me dirty, she continues.


"Try trying to" "retrieve"

She has changed her training in an attempt to reach a race pace. The militant captain Rikard Grip talks about "a thorough session of training". Stina Nilsson:

– It's hard to imagine a real competition. But I've been trying to try to & # 39; take her up to challenge him, she says.

On the other hand, Nilsson admits that she has always been in his mind to go to the World Cup to get started.

– I've been optimistic all the way and I went into the situation to stand on the start line. I knew I was not sure I was going to start. But I chose to go in with that idea, she says.

Stina Nilsson: "Many tears had been"

But the journey has been tough.

– It was very … to insert it. Mental health has been very tall. The only one (just after the injuries) I thought, "Put this step". Then there has been a lot of tears and a softer. When I moved, I took it and started to do the job, she says.

Develop it:

– The first few days after the injuries, it was very, very dark. Then everything was long. Even his first days were a real revival. But when I got a good revival, light was let inside inside me.

Nilsson thank the friends for their support

Nilsson thanked his friends – among others, Theodor Peterson rescuer and physiotherapist Marcus Bystedt – in the national team for their support.

– There was a lot of tears in Otepää. At the same time, it was so good after the race, to enter and meet the team. "Teo" came up and said, "Come, we can streamline again on Thursday". Even if I could not, it was brilliant. Many took care of me and gave me much support, she says

– I have a very positive collaboration with Marcus physics. We've seen at the athletics almost at 08m a day. Rikard (Grip) has also been very supportive.

Along with Maja Dahlqvist, Jonna Sundling and Hanna Falk create a Swedish sprint team on the side of the dam, a team where everyone has a medal capacity but where Nilsson and Dahlqvist made main riding products through Winter.

– I see Swedes as the biggest competitors. And it's really awesome, Hanna Falk says.

"I saw what good focus is"

The sprint is arranged on Thursday in style.

– She's ready for a competition, but then we do not know how much about her status. But we see it as fit for fighting for Thursday, the captain of the rikard Rikard Grip said.

– I saw her big focus (Stina Nilsson) on her & # 39; activity. I think she has done all that she has done so well prepared. as possible, says Ingemarsdotter.

Stina Nilsson herself is uncertain about where she is standing.

– I am very enjoyable where I stand, because I do not think, she says.

– I do not even have time to think of any innovative way. My only goal in the last four weeks is just to stand here.

Jonna Sundling is thinking about the biggest medal opportunities in Swedish on Thursday.

– & maybe it's Stina's, she says with a smile.

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