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Story of the sheep: Another sick one at Skånsta

On his Facebook page, the society tells that a medicine was on Tuesday's site. The reason is to review the farm tenancy control solutions after it's going to; appearing EHV-1.

The disease has now been destroyed since 19th January. Many horses have lost their lives and the situation is bad.

During the refreshment of the Skånsta rider on Tuesday, you can read:

"Today we visited a livestock who looked at our defensive solutions at the center. We have also checked on you with the development of their diseases, differences and It will even turn a little into future ideas. In addition, we have also built a beautiful beautiful horse from Ultuna and unfortunately we left sick work in the same place. The two left yesterday are still there, but in the situation they are very good. Tomorrow we hope it will come to these initiatives. "

An amazing case

The school manager, Ann Borglund, maintains the people in the hell you are currently suffering from Skånsta.

On 4 February, write the following:

"In the past, the still surviving disease of Skånsta Ryttar stables remains. We are all tired of body and soul, disturbance and frightening to eat up. To an overview the situation; 50% of the horses have contracted with EHV-1, which has received 30% of their brain and 10% have died. I have received advice from Germany and Ireland to stop the spread of disease but not. We are new horses that fall sick every day. I hope and believe that anyone who is in a position; See as bad as possibleIt will happen when a disease has visited the stable stable in the future; Think for a bit more before joining the horse in a competition, training for a beaver or so. Because he does not have anyone who takes his horse from the stable today if there has been any other fever for the last three weeks, or ??? Everyone who gives us to different places needs more responsibility to prevent disease! "

But there is a streak of light in the darkness. Two of the horses that have been affected have a chance to come home and are said to be very obvious.

Ridenews has tried to reach the cycling school to comment.

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