Sven-Ingvars will publish a new one – Pages

music Sven-Ingvars's new albums, featuring the singer Oscar Magnusson, have been running in 2019.

Now the first single "Rör vid mig igen" was released, written by Håkan Hellström Björn Olsson and Axel Sjöberg, a member of Claveyard's hard-haired band.

Sven-Ingvars made the first gig in 1956 and five years later the band broke the song "Te dans mä Karlstatösna". In the 1960s, a series of classical songs, such as: "Miss Miss", "My Guitar", "Do not say, sing" and "Kristina à Vilhelmina".

After the director Sven-Erik Magnusson had gone away in 2017, his son Oscar Magnusson took over.

"It will be the reorganization as long as I and their agency do this. I want to keep my legacy and how I said: Thank you for my whole mother, "said Oscar Magnusson in a press release.

Sven-Ingvars is now on a spring tour in Norway and Sweden, begins on 7 March. On Friday night, his "Skavlan" band will visit in SVT.

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