Swedbank returns to the prosecution – News

19 September, 2018: The range of money cuts scandal about Danske Bank's work in the Baltic states has been completed following a major survey. The suspects are around SEK 2,000 billion. The Chief Executive and the Chair of the Board will retire.

23 October 2018: The President of Swedbank Birgitte Bonnesen is confirming that the Swedish bank in the closet doesn't have the same equivalent. (After that she mentions that several companies are named publicly in the Danske Bank scandal.) T

The SVT Mission Review reveals that people are thinking about sending money about SEK 40 billion, where 50 people are suspicious, with links to the Danske Hotel Bank. Bonnesen confirms that the bank works when she sees something suspicious. After being lazy, the bank will examine the management of the 50 companies, but there are no more.

According to the SVT program, Swedbank buyers are also linked to the so-called Magnitsky shelter, as Russia's American bill manager Browder Hermitage should be charged with Russian government officials and legsters. Hervan followed US sanctions against the named person.

News and anecdotes about Swedbank have been hit by beat. Some of them:

Swedbank has notified key owners, but not other owners, of the report that the Assignment Review will carry out, after which the ECO will include an investigation. offenses within internal crimes.

* Swedbank seems to have invested money and made bribes for the President of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

* An internal inquiry has revealed that as early as 2018 Swedbank has known their suspicions of money sent to SEK 90 billion. The link to the Magnitsky residential area should be established in 2013.

* The web browser submits comprehensive information to Swedish police about showing money being cleaned.

* On 22 March, Swedbank introduced a review of the governance of the 50 companies, but widespread criticism is felt to be inadequate.

Swedbank can be deceived by New York DFS's financial review position. In a letter in 2018, no one telling users of the famous law firm Mossack Fonseca, the leading actor in the Panama 2016 newspaper scandal. DFS is now studying Swedbank, reporting on • review the event the day before the meeting on 28 March.

* The Compulsive Authority will be taking the same day on March 27 on the inner bank of the land in Sweden. The research has also been extended to rough fraud from 23 October, 2018, when Bonnesen suspected of showing money at the bank. No-one in the bank has been suspected of committing a crime at this stage.

* Shortly before the AGM on 28 March, the Board notes that Bonnesen was released, that is, he has been burned.

* Vote Swedbank AGM to drop off the Board, including chairman Lars Idermark, but not CEO CEO Bonnesen.

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