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The Buddy's wolf was 9 months

The school was closed in Karlskrona

deKerstin Nilsson

The fear was out – and the school was closed.

But there were no weddings.

The Buddy puppy, 9 months.

The fear of a suspicious wolf in Karlskrona was a big news Tuesday.

Someone seemed to have seen wolf trails in the snow outside Spandeltorps school and long & as he was waiting for the country's administration to come out and keep track of the jail, children stay so kind inside.

1 out of 5 | Photograph: PRIVAT

Little Little Boy Buddy.

But he did not fall until the fall was frightened.

There were no weddings.

It might be just a Buddy who just played in the snow.

– It's very funny – because it's a long way from a wolf. He is the worst of the world, saying his mathematics, Maria Rennemark.

"Hugs and cuddles all the time"

Buddy's Roman street dog, taken by the family is just two months ago, but it's already done well.

And is more like the wolf's bear, with his fur.

– My youngest daughter, Moa, is mocking and shouting all the time, says Maria.

His first months of his life was Buddy's; living, which means "mate" in English, on the street in Romania, before being captured and landed at Lyckeby in Blekinge, through the Swedish society.

– He likes to play and play. shooting and he is very daring, says Maria Rennemark.

Buddy is usually in-lawed by Maria in Spandeltorp during the days and then she usually goes for a school-round tour and another day's pre-school. a long and flexible pair.

"His father's father who had read about the" wolf trails "and invited him and asked him if the mound was Buddy , Maria said.

And that's enough.

Special prints

Buddy probation prints are almost identical to off-print prints.

– It's a great deal to protect the pre-school, Maria says.

And he plans to continue to do that.

Who knows, a wolf can really come true.

Then it's good that Buddy is there.

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