The emergence of the emergence in Starbreeze – flags for loss and savings

The Starbreeze game development company intends to assess the level of cost and is expected to focus on a key industry. The repression for advanced product results is maintained for its fourth quarter, but is now being redirected to red numbers in 2019. It is clear from a news release.

In addition, the finance chief Sebastián Ahlskog is a company that; Let's say that The Dead Walking Overkill's first game is lower than expected.

This is when the expected sales department of countries with lower prices such as China and Russia is higher than expected.

At the same time, its company says that it has active players (component players), which are important to work on Games as a service concept for its & game, the world of play is similar to Software as a Service (SaaS).

The $ 10 million license from the 505 Games on Consensus The Dead Walking Dead (OTWD) Overkill will be announced as a subscription to the end of the current quarter, which will adversely affect employment in the & # 39; fourth quarter.

Despite this, the objective of the advanced EBITDA results is maintained in the fourth quarter.

The gaming company has also begun to review the costs.

"We have reviewed the costs to better match our income. We have set up a program for this and at the same time we also watch closed on how the revenue is to be developed. We will focus on our main business and make sure that companies deliver important companies, "said Sebastian Ahlskog, CFO at Starbreeze.

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