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Do you also think that eating your snorkeling cakes is really terrible?

According to Dr Meg Lemon, who was an educated dermatologist there ColoradoHowever, breaking food in the dining room is beneficial after biting yourself in the nose.

As well as telling patients that they are eating the cattle, she also advises them on the food left on the floor.

What is the reason for this? According to Lemon, he is about the state of the defense system.

– You should not just brush your nose, you should eat. I tell people when they lose food on the floor, pick them up and eat it, Lemon says to the New York Times and that he will continue: t

– Our defense system must work. Over millions of years our immune system has developed steadily. Now the defense system has nothing to do.

In Sweden, we see ourselves as it is relatively clean and it is not uncommon to carry hand-outs or go near the stairs. But Dr Lemon said the cleanliness could therefore provide a service as the defense system cannot afford to work and therefore can't strengthen it.

according to Agnes Wold, Professor of clinical biology Sahlgrenska Academy on & # 39; University of Gothenburg it is similar to Lemons tes.

– Of course it doesn't matter if you eat something you have lost on the floor. And it doesn't need to be clean on the floor. There are no pathogenic bacteria, eg bacteria that cause disease, on the floor. Pathogenic bacteria do not spread in this way. It matters between people. The few tags that you take to the floor don't teach you to be ill, it explains to Nyheter24.

That it would be useful eating not the snooker, however, is continuing.

– Snorkelkor is not good or bad. These are your own. Just the buck you already have within your nose, you will swallow it all the time, says to Nyheter24.

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