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The shipwreck was after finding the Emiliano Salas plane

After two weeks of uncertainty, the search for the football star appears to be Emiliano Salas a lost plane has passed.

British media writes that a & # 39; planet, unexpectedly found across the English Channel, has been found. One should now begin to analyze the shipwreck, and write the BBC.

On January 21st, an airplane was launched. Piper Malibu N264DB model sent to Wales, after Emiliano signed 28th anniversary for Cardiff Premier League club.

Emiliano Sala
Tribute to Lost Sala (Mark Kerton / PA through AP)

Although a shipwreck has not been detected so far, hoping to find the star alive has been the same as zero, and memories and troubles were held both in Cardiff, in the old Nantes Room club, and in Argentina's home.

The last message from Missing Room; in a hearing message sent to a conversation group just before the plane disappeared. In a recording, Sala says "the plane is trying to fall apart" and it's frightened – you can listen to the audio clip here.

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