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There are many convicts for slaughter attempts on sludge

The attempt was made to murder him at the end of November. 75 year old Olle Rosdahl who lives outside Ljungbyhed in Skåne is a former fan of activities, amongst other things, 635 football matches and 25 football matches. run a marathon.

In November he was out and running out when he was very small. Before this it is told to Kvällsposten:

– It was just over four o'clock in the morning. It was very early, but I had to do other things until the morning. Then it was like that. I fell down on my knees, said Olle.

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Treated by hunters

After the event, Olle got help from a neighbor – he was killed.

– I fell down and I thought I had the last time. But I used my final strength and got up. Then I took my hundreds of meters to one of my neighbors and I threw it up on the bell, Olle said – who was scared someone would come again and it would happen again.

The Olle neighbor helped in the bathroom and called the SOS, which was eventually replaced by the two ambulances and many police. According to doctors in the Helsingborg hospital, Olle had met his bullet from a hunting arm. He went in at the gloom and went out through the lumps.

Attributed to a Norwegian citizen who was part of the local hunting club. The hunter should be killed by the shooting crew and he had not known himself to eight hours again.

PLEASE NOTE: The hunter from Norway who was suspected of attempting to murder – made a film.

He arrived on Friday

On Friday the hunter was paid – according to the procurator fiscal. The accused Ola Lavie says about this event:

-I can say that someone looks at the view, that plays their own activity, it is aimed at a person, but he thinks it is deer. . But I suppose it's someone, said Ola Lavie to Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The hunter was allowed to be imprisoned after being arrested – but after the crime class had been heated to try to commit murder or abuse, he was arrested again. It has always been kept since.

– I mean, he was only lucky that he got such injuries. The hook caught hold of her hip. If he had met up further, there is a real danger that he would have died of the injuries, according to the room sheriff Lavie.

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