"There is an offensive conflict in allsvenskan unparalleled"

When November and the murders are stuck in the darkness there is darkness here and thousands of dollars could be thrown over a psychologist, it's important to get a light shower in your professional life.

Good season, seasonal music, training camp, Sweden cup, annual reports and members' meetings have all worked well as an agent.

You even have to watch small players standing and waiting for serious action.

We have gone through all of that and put ourselves on the start line, ready and as expected at that time as they were every quarter. One feels that it is a parrot when, year after year, at this stage it is said that this year's best day has been on this, but for hundreds of thousands of Swedish fans it is It's actually.

We've been worried about soldiers, we're late and we've found that there's more podcasts today about Swedish football about any other subject in the world.

The development is exciting and today the centers of excellence are filled by supporters who, at their best and most creative way, are maintaining a high standard of excellence in Europe.

From now on, these areas again shave for hope, future religion – and we have a series of extra things for you to place your teeth into.

The five-pack Strandberg …

Study that is completely uninformative and even truthful shows that the end of this year's result is 5–3. So anyone who thinks that goals are fun is an exciting sport.

According to BK Häcken's study, Andreas Alm, there is a lot of information about lots that you should know, Carlos Strandberg now has 15 attackers in Malmö FF and says a lot about the situation.

The contestants are Markus Rosenberg, Marcus Antonsson, Jo Inge Berget, Guillermo Molins and also acts like the likes of Sören Rieks, Romain Gall and Arnor Traustasson. There we have an offensive army that we have not seen since Johnny Bråttom received so much from the Champions League in the 90s.

Unrecognized Malmö FF, with Rosenberg at the forefront, says that today it is the best in Sweden. .

IFK Norrköping brings in and introduces players such as Totte Nyman and hyper-interesting Chad Haksabanovic. The Swedish Solna winners have picked up Saku Ylätupa from Ajax, again with Chinedu Obasi and spices which could be in the last minute with the Icelander Kolbeinn Sigthorsson team which should be too good for the t Swedish-born.

Hammarby has the right to have prior permission from all players, Balkan, by Vidar Örn Kjartansson. Djurgården retains a garden in the form of Mohamed Buya Turay and Astrit Ajdarevic.

The person's MFF has not the same width

You will hear it, be off. And then I haven't even named the forgotten BK Häcken and Paulinho the actress and founder Alexander Jeremjeff and confirmed by Ahmed Yasin. At the same time as reviving Mervan Celik and visiting east in winter.

Malmö FF has no human access, but has no same person as the BK Häcken when everything is correct. In addition, the protection has been very tight for two years. The gentleman is a wise man and the team has no emphasis on the main competitors.

Sometimes this is the first time and in the fall it may be great to mark gold on Hisingen with Sonny Karlsson-grip connected by the middle of the party.

I'm starting all the Swedish by taking my car to Eskilstuna so that IFK Göteborg can be seen starting on a new contract for a new person.

Or can the blue baby affect the experts on the fingers and set a middle position?

Foreword is the most uncertain and energetic season ahead.

A blow on this now.

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