There is no new breach of a real horse virus

A new breach of major EHV-1 infection virus virus, which hit two horse stalks in Stockholm and Uppsala County, was set up in accordance with the National Veterinary Institute (SVA).

Both stables have been remote since the disease was detected at the end of January. Skåne was an unusual case that did not bother; It is the genetic change of the virus that can cause the paralysis of the horse, sometimes with dead produce.

– The situation is under control. Many of the owners of a horse are feeling worried but there are no signs of the spread of disease from the two stables reported in January, saying that the state leader Gittan Gröndahl, SVA.

securities measures

– Many have taken protection measures for safety; they usually stay at home, and fetching out a whistleblower if they have a dog who looks sick, and there are more samples, she says.

SVA recommends that proprietors of horses are usually cautious – not to allow the horse to close ties with other horses when you are working, to buy new horses and be careful with manual hygiene.

Your broken

The infection of herpesvirus (EHV-1), among other things, causes the fever and respiratory symptoms, and can cause blames in heavy seas. The unusual change, which hit a riding school in Österåker and a stable in Östhammar, is very rare in Sweden.

– We'll watch it because it's really bad when it's. It is important that the horses are marked quickly, which appears to have been done here, says Gittan Gröndahl.

At the Österåker horse riding club, three horses were killed as a result of the illness, with a number of horses on the plant.

The EHV-1 virus form which causes behavior behavior and sometimes called viral infection, and the patient's disease, is an informal disease. The virus does not affect animals or others.

EHV-1 disease

EHV-1 or an infective virus can cause high aggressive disease, glucose disease or brain disease. The virus causes cold symptoms, which can be very mild but also high fever, nasal flows and coughing. Common legs are common. Severe stones can be disinfected, usually in a & # 39; last part of injury.

EHV-1 can also be caused by symptoms of brain that usually occur 4-8 days after fever. The signs can be unlawful but also bad by game and paralysis.

Most of the disease is the air; there. A vaccine protects against a reproductive change; virus, however, there is no registered vaccine against the unusual change.

Well: SVA

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