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They prefer in Sweden – going to the World Cup final

In the small world of bands, Sweden and Russia are very active, with France as an ongoing challenge. Behind the best nations, sometimes the pace in quality can be great.

This Wednesday won Sweden against Kazakhstan in the group game with 22-1. Sweden was also directly linked to the half steps. There, Kazakhstan is waiting again, which has influenced Norway with 4-1 in its presence; final.

– There is nothing for a hymn about that we should be able to win, svenne captain Svenne Olsson said before consulting.

World Cup gold visit

Sweden's goal in the World Cup is definitely a last final win on Saturday. Russia is waiting – no & # 39; probably Finland. Both of these countries also met on Wednesday, and hit them again in the first half week on Friday.

Once in the final, it may be an inconvenience for Sweden to have been on & # 39; meet a strong challenge for a while. But it can also be advantageous that you do not have to throw such a shot.

Svenne Olsson responds diplomatically about the conditions.

– The training had a fast pace, it emphasizes its & # 39; Thursday afternoon in the Vänersborg World Cup range.

Better than against Kazakhstan last year, Olsson says.

"Identify their place"

Many of them kept Norway as their favorite in the finals. But the Kazakhs had plans, with the Åby / Tjureda coach Sergei In-Fa-Lin as the captain of the union.

– I think they are saved and loaded for a & # 39; game against Norway Kazakhstan recognizes the place in the bandy quality, says Svenne OIsson.

– But two of them, with three players with individual skills, are added.

Olsson specializes in Rauan Issalijev, who plays in the Russian league and has won two awards against Norway. Issalijev is one of the four players in Kazakhstan this year that also participated in the " Final Cup of the world, when the Kazakhs fought against Sweden in the finals (5-4).

This time, the bandy Kazakhstan partnership has chosen to focus specifically on home league players. The band is in the countryside (fifth of Sweden's surface) for a long time divided into the west and east, where the clubs played in different regional campaigns in Russian.

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