Verona needs to pay 6,000 – after his pay questionnaire

At the end of the year, employers' certification was introduced at the same level for companies, which means that employers need to report their / Swedish Toll Group per month – instead once a year as before. The reason is to reduce tax fraud.

But it also means that employers are unable to pay the tax unpaid now – and so the employee's pay debts must be paid back in the total salary of the net wage place.

The new rules mean a hard hit to Veronika Sjödin, 38, from Matfors outside Sundsvall, and b. ST is the first one to write; tell him about it.

As a result of being burned, she has long-term leave from home care in the home. Every three months she should leave a medical certificate, but this time it came to late because it was difficult to get time in hospital.

– I asked me to know that the illness was late and the manager said I was nervous in the & # 39; timetable and payment system, says Veronika Sjödin.

Sick-time Veronika Sjödin, 38, received a monthly trip from the Sundsvall area.

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New tax rules can create problems

Previously, it has been easy to pay the salary she has paid badly.

But in January, when she received a wrong salary just above the 19,000 SEK, the town declared that she also had to pay the fee just over SEK 6,000 – money she had ever received.

– Since I had been in the home for a long time, nobody told me about the new system, Veronika Sjödin says.

– Some think that my offense was late with the certificate, but it has dropped through his chairs to his home. They need checks to make sure they get unpaid salary when they are on sick leave.

Due to new tax rules, Veronika Sjödin has now been paid to pay and pay – which SEK is 6,000 more than she has received on her. census.
Due to new tax rules, Veronika Sjödin has now been paid to pay and pay – which SEK is 6,000 more than she has received on her. census.

You need to get out with the money

Veronika Sjödin wants to take care of others about the new rules because he will not hit more people without reason. She responds to the employee's responsibilities.

– It's a big company; In a town, their money is obviously able to get back and out of the bowl without doing so much. But for me, there are 6,000 lots of money. As a poor leave, it is clear. It's a really hard feeling right now.

The tax that she has to pay has changed in confirmation next year – which means she must spend the money to then. Sundsvall town has said that it can repay money at the interim in accordance with a settlement plan.

– We can not move the money we put away, so it is important that absenteeism is reported in good time to avoid paying any payment debts. Back, we can not do anything, we follow the Swedish Toll Loan rules, saying Marianne Holm, a salary manager at her. town, to ST.

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