Swedish film classes are exhibited in Tokyo – Pages


movie There are currently 30 Swedish classic films appearing in Japan for a & # 39; That marked 150 years ago, Sweden and Japan founded diplomatic relations with each other. The films that are on display have been selected and regenerated by the Film Film Institute, and among others, Gustaf Molander's "A Woman & Face" has been featured by young Ingrid Bergman in the main "Girls "at May Zetterling since 1968.

"It's great to showcase our film culture like this. For a long time, we have done a lot of co-operation with our Japanese co-workers, and this year a series of silent Swedish films was reformed in Tokyo, "said Jon Wengström, director of the Filmarkivet, in a press release.

In addition, there is a Japanese magazine film from her crown; then, Gustaf Adolf, the king's grandfather, who visited Tokyo in 1926.

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