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Despite the progress in research, there are still legends about breast cancer, the dangers and how it finds it.

Some of these are compiled by Reader & Digest including:

Right: You can reduce your personal risk to reduce breast cancer

Preventing certain determinants and in breast cancer, these items include age and female. However, there are a number of lifestyle changes that you can do to reduce personal risks such as not drinking alcohol and also smoking other uses such as & # 39 ; taking pipes.

Fault: Being feeling tired, insignificant, and not so exciting is the signs that you may have a chronic cancer

One of the effects of breast cancer is tired, but not breast cancer. You can see real symptoms of cervical cancer, look at your chest and alert to any horrible changes. Hair or red love, pistol, nipple fluorescent secretion, strangers or changes in the shape or size of the true signs are to look.

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True: Changes in common sorrow are and most of them are not worried

Journeys can be extremely difficult for some women, especially when they are found around the stone, however, it is commonplace as a woman's age. Although incentives can cause pine pain, this is not just ascertaining as chest cancer. Other changes such as cutting & Extend milk extensions in the shoes; which can cause water or blood spills, no nipple backup and pain or illness that accompany a chronic cancer signal. In any case, doctor should see changes.

Avoid: Frozen cancer can be killed; most women

Although chronic cancer is fatal, there are other diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's, heart disease, stroke, flu and severe blood pressure and more respiratory respiratory respiratory disease and kill more women.

Fault: There is only one way to investigate breast cancer

It is more important to look at your chest often to see if there are changes. If there is anything out of the ordinary, it is a better proof than to use a special method to verify for pumpes, as there are not always chips of cancer. Look at the feeling of chest, to your pedestrians and up to your fiber-wood, the easiest way to make any changes to you; you could recognize. Talk to your doctor if you find anything that may worry you. (acr / kes)

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