Swim, Gregorio Paltrinieri at Sky: "Did you see what Manuel Bortuzzo's strength was?"


In the last five months, the 19-year-old Venetian swimmer has moved to Ostia to train with the Olympic warrior on the 1500 free installments and by Gabriele Detti. Bortuzzo he is always showing his passion in training with two best awards. Paltrinieri he is talking for his & # 39; first time of Bortuzzo. Reduced for a month in dance in the mountains in Sierra Nevada, Paltrinieri has returned tonight in Italy. He has his first word just for Manuel: "What happened to Manuel is something out of the world, you can not even think of it … As soon as I got out I did not want to believe … I had a hard time, I spent the end. Sorry, I do not make any sense that I spent the last few weeks in collegiate high ground in in Sierra Nevada, I came back to Italy tonight and I'll see Manuel in the hospital suddenly. Those two criminals killed him, justice runners up to & # 39; it will work well. At this time it's almost all because I prefer to be optimistic and hopeful. If there is still some chance that Manuel can leave or even return to walk – because this idea is too – I do not want to set up a priori. I hope to be connected to this hope. I hope Manuel Iva has a lot of strength, he's sure he has himself. You know also in this ugly situation because it is strong: he is a boy with strong strength of will. But I was sure about this. So we all need to be positive and fight it. "

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