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SINGAPORE – The Olympic Master, Joseph Josephing, has completed an end to the final event of the World Cup Cup this year in front of almost 3,000 spectators at the OCBC Water Supply Center on Saturday (November 17).

The 23-year-old man confirmed that he still had the potential to be remarkable when he turned off and did not swim the stroke he made, but the backup in his / her; first part of the 4x50m medical relay.

And "hidden talent" turned into a nursery school as cash-money – moved 24.08 pcs to set up a national backdrop (short course), and output; a previous sign of Quah Zheng Wen of 24.56sc in 2014.

The team of the Singapore team, Roanne Ho, Teong Tzen Wei and Amanda Lim continued the money in 1: 42.21, behind the 1: 39.69 win win on Australia (Minna Atherton, Matthew Wilson, Emily Seebohm and Kyle Chalmers).

By learning, he also built a bronze bronze 50m butterfly in another national record (22.40 pc), he gave his backup in his / her; 200m drive.

He said: "(The National Training Center is a coach head) Gary (Tan) asked me if I can do the support. I said if it's 50m and a short course, I was there.

Photograph: The Times Straits

"There are short course wells about underwater (work). I knew that swimming was not as good as my water under the sea and so my underwater gave me that race and I am pleased to have won a base for Singapore.

"Zheng is a better supporter than me. If he returned from the United States and that case, he may have the best to hit. But a record a new national in the backbone, I do not know what I say but that's really good and I enjoy it. "

On Wednesday, a School School will return to the US to complete its undergraduate research with the University of Texas in Austin the following month, before returning to Singapore in February to train for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

At the same time, there are two other world-wide swimmers who have put their sights on Olympic glory after applying for an increase in the World Cup this year.

Russia Vladimir Morozov won four events over three days here – which included the herring 50m at 22.17cc last night – and was crowned as a winner; Asian herdsman and all advertising men, carrying out surveys of $ 50,000 ($ 68,600) and $ 150,000 individually.

The 26-year-old, with only one half-time World Championship single-half money – free of charge in 2013 – said: "The plan was to keep its & # 39; long-term course and try the recordings all over the world in the short course. It was a good plan because I got on the world record (in the 100m IM) and I did better.

"I had been the best in the short course rather than a course long because I've been running short course training all my time. but I've been the best time setting in a long course too and it's a challenge I want to have a mafia. "

The women's competition had been a closer link. Katinka Hungarian Hosszu hosted a Asian Asian group and $ 50,000 in a cash prize but did not. Sarah Sjostrom was born in Sweden in the female heroine.

After raising his prize and examining US $ 150,000, a 25-year-old who won five events in Singapore – including the 100m waste in 55.73 pcs and 100m free in 51.13cc – he said he will not be able to make three titles in the series next year.

She said: "This year was very tight in terms of points and it was really interesting for everyone and I'm really happy to win again.

"The next year is about preparing for the Olympics. I could swim in a few races but I do not travel as I am in the two years, because I missed too much long-distance training and sports sessions. The Olympics are definitely more important. "

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