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The letter e-Q4 mr jv jvre is published in Geneva.

4.59 long, 1.90 meters and 1.61 meters high for the Audi Q4 electricity. Just a bit tight, but smarter than Q5Source: Gulys Pter

Kzel first appeared in Geneva by introducing his first Audi's electric car kit module, the e-mail, which we were able to make. The Ngykariks mrka is an electric car at this year's Motor Geneva Motor Show. a smaller Q4 electronic trolley gave learning but you don't need to get a lot of fantasy so you can get the 2020 vgn rkez.

D-role quotations 22 inches. The lumbar drum goes into the servery areasSource: Gulys Pter

An electric motor Kt is moving Q4, which was originally 102 lrs, and 204 removing the wheels. The survey has a speed of 6.3 ms to reach over 100 km / h from its 11th position, with a maximum speed of 180 km / h due to an electronic portfolio. Nagymret, 82 kWh capacity and size around him. In 30 minutes, the ttttsg full 80 can be broken. The WLTP course is significantly enhanced by the 450 kilometer hattvolsg.

As a result of the pipes, it does not produce a card card that makes the room for use in Q4Forr: Audi

Audi Q4's web platform is the foundation for the e-trontl euros platform last year (MEB), which will be covered by Volkswagen electric cars from compact models to kzpkc. The first car is a car based on MEP mr idn rkez, an Hungarian design taajts Volkswagen ID.

Within the box, the flow number is shownForr: Audi

Sznvlts is a accordion box

The book will be explored through the Q4 "Sky Solar" series change the szgtl fggen change Ennl is more useful to get the sunshine rvidhullm, red-throated rays of the infrared area, which may be a good thing for the body of the car and the warmth of the belly, which can break the energy of an organ.

A tbb speed like a ton of tonnes of tons of tons, placed under the floor of the machineSource: Gulys Pter

Kt axis the collection sits under the floor, weighing 510 kilograms. overall the Q4 electricity is same at the same level as a normal sieve, the scattering is proportional to 50: 50% each.

Two dozen Audi electrical appliances by 2025

The single htrcs are designed to capture the viewSource: Gulys Pter

The ingolstadt mrka launched an electric oil in 2018 with the electronic electricity. To 2025, Audi will introduce 11 electrical modules In the most important outlets of the business, rtkestseins plan that one-third of the former modules are covered.

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