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According to the locals, flooding was accompanied by landslides on the 18/11 morning that destroyed many houses, causing that 4 people in the Tran Hoang Phong family were unlawful as a result of " human ear "without natural disaster Post-

Swimming pool project to protect swimmering projects? picture 1A general view of the Hoang Phu residence (Vinh Hoa ward, Nha Trang town, Khanh Hoa section), where 4-person-old-family flooding Tran Hoang Phong. Photograph: Minh Hoang.

Sometimes to see a group of builders, Mr Huynh Quang Hung (Vinh Hoa Ward lived) said that the company was excavating, and # 39; hill excavation to the Xuyen Hon. The motto of the lake is approximately 45m long, 15 m wide.

"The building creatures are probably close to the shore with heavy rain on the shore, and all the water and the majority of the landlord were introduced to the place of residence, just like a battle, a tsunami disaster, "said Hung.

At the scene, Zing.vn Swimming pool shapes recognize. The depth of a landslide is approximately 15 m, which lasts hundreds of meters, causing the "water bomb" from the height to fall, and Destroy residence of street 1, Vinh Hoa.

"For 20 years I stayed in this land, I did not see a mountain brink with floods like this." After the incident, the people turned to the summit of the Rev. Xuyen to know that the bank of the reservoir was broken. Tuan, Le Xuan Tan (who lived in Vinh Hoa) said.

Swimming pool project to protect swimmering projects? Picture 2Hoang Phu Nha Trang project model, a terrestrial spot in the bath and water down its downstream; mountain to 4 people. Photograph: Hoang Phu Nha Trang.
At the same time, on the website of Thanh Chau Investment and Development Co., this company has a & # 39; including Hoang Phu Nha Trang High Quality at Ru Ri Pass, 2/4 Street, Vinh Hoa Ward, Nha Trang City.

The project has a total of 11.2 hectares designed to build with 380 townhouses and large houses. Reservoirs confirmed that the project also included things such as pathways, knowledge gardens, educational parks, children's parks, supermarkets, seaways, fountains, sights and swimming poles. unfinished

Lòin to catch a water tank

Speaking to Zing.vn on 20/11, said Tran Van Tho, former director of the Khanh Hoa Building Department in the # 39; Detailed 1/500 plan of luxury Hoang Phu Nha Trang residential area on top of Mount Hon Xieng (Vinh Hoa Ward) has nothing to do.

"The designation of this Building Department's project has not agreed to what the business is doing," said former director of the Khanh Hoa Building Department.

"Following a landslide event, the Department established its own inspection survey, founding the owner that they used to create a hole but do not know what to do. We ask The investor explains but they say they are busy working with other authorities, "he said.

Swimming pool project to protect swimmering projects? Picture 33D view of the unfinished collection of the Hoang Phu Nha Trang high-quality housing project. Photograph: Hoang Phu Nha Trang.
On the same day, the Building Department continued with the Thanh Chau Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (Thanh Chau Company) with branch managers and areas of mountain and earthquake.

At the meeting, the investment explained that the landslide project made by the "water-built ditches" occurred from the broken bank, causing landslides in the house 17 Hoa Trung and 1 Hoa Tay group, Vinh Hoa Nha Trang City) and deadly.

Mr Nguyen Van Dong, Chairman of the People's Vinh Hoa Ward Committee, at the meeting on the 20/11 morning, the local petition will have to go to a level; home to find the right and wrong cause of a landslide purpose. To solve the people.

"I saw the authorities in the minutes of this morning meeting that their company was making a dirt." This ditch is very large, about 60m long, 10 m wide, 1.5 m deep, said the head of Vinh Hoa Ward.

Swimming pool project to protect swimmering projects? Picture 4The loch site was broken. Photograph: Minh Hoang.

Indeed, between the pictures of their project are published on a & # 39; company and in the true state of the chart. The situation described by the Thanh Chau Company is a "ditches" water; match the location of the unfinished bath.

Although Khanh Hoa authorities have not identified the landslide site, four family members of the Tran Hoang Phong teacher died illegally, such as a "water ditch" or unfinished bath such as Thanh Company Chau, the people at the bottom of the Xuyen Pride are worried.

Although the owner of Hoang Phu Nha Trang's modern housing project supports 30 million VND for each household and 100 million VND for a Phong family for burial, Vinh Hoa's people have not stopped it, the Death still hangs on their heads as the storms from the sea Come in, there is still a landslide risk in Xuyen Hon.

Swimming pool project to protect swimmering projects? Picture 5Situation of Hoang Phu Nha Trang provocation. Photograph: Google Maps.

According to Zing

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