Swimming tutor who was convicted to ban 37 daughters: When you find the youngest age, you are wrong


A swimming pool teacher in Baden-Baden spawned in the south-west of Germany said Monday had a pain of 37 daughters to 12 years imprisoned for sexual abuse, the DPA said.

The DPA's penalty responds to what the person is required. After serving a prison sentence, the person should be cared for.

The Defender asked for her six years imprisonment for the teacher and asked the request for a prison sentence that was not, according to, for legal reasons. Only parents of children and disabled media representatives were listening to the audience because the people were excluded at the request of lawyers from the process.

The man attacked his claim between October 2015 and September 2017 when he was arrested. Some of the evidence found during the study was also on his house videos captured by a false camera.

The lawyer of a 34-year-old teacher reads the statement that there is a man The first video that was killed only from the meaning of his & her; using his supervisor's camera. Apparently, he removed it to make more videos of girls – some were only four years at that time. However, the Court rejected these bids. "I'll always mourn and I'd like to apologize for everything I did," said the conviction.

The person was not convicted of any offenses in the past. In the years 2015-17 he worked as an independent swimmer and learned swimming in different towns in the Land Baden-Württemberg.

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