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20 minutes – Mr Spuhler, what money do you get for the departments?

Peter Spuhler is keen to join the builder of Thurgau Stadler Rail's train on Swiss stock exchange. The Bòrd's Chairman has been with the company for 32 years and has retained 80 per cent of the departments to date. Now he wants to reduce the area to 40 to 49 per cent. In an interview with 20 minutes he explains:


What do you think of IPO Stadler?

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Mr Spuhler, is it injured to sell half of your shares?

No, not the best thing for Peter Spuhler. The most important thing is that the company works best. And I'm sure the IPO is the right decision.

Why do you even want to go public?

We have grown significantly in the past few years. If this is to continue, it will be useful to benefit from growth through the capital market.

You also get a lot of money for the right ones?

We're not that long yet. Indeed, I hope that shareholders will pay a good price.

Is it a distance from Stadler Rail?

No, not at all. I have promised to keep in control of at least 40 per cent of the shares. And in the next few years I will definitely be standing as Bòrd Chairman and continue to influence as Stadler stops.

Who should buy these categories?

It would be great if we had a lot of small contributors,

who are also enthusiastic. But there are no benefits for a particular shareholder.

When is the stock market launched?

That will take no more years. But it's a matter for the market environment. For example, the Brexit is just around the corner. As it runs, you would have to restore the IPO.


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