20 minutes – Nala will wait bad for her master

"Nala is waiting for you too," wrote Romina Sala on Facebook. In addition, Emiliano Sal's sister sent a picture of a football player sitting in front of a glass door.

That was on the 2nd of February. On February 3 thereafter the uncertainty: Seekers seek to find the burning machine required by a replica at the bottom of the English Channel. In addition to the registration number, a body was also visible, the AAIB British Airbag Board said. Who was, it is not yet clear.

Salas bitch, written by the Daily Mail, was one of the reasons why the 28-year-old man traveled to Nantes, where he put it in and again wanted to go up to Cardiff, where he named a new contract with Cardiff City.

Saving is still uncertain

In consultation with Sala's relatives and the David Ibbotson pilot now the next steps have been examined. It is still unsure whether the machine, which fell on January 21, was built.

The official rescue work stopped three days after the plane disappeared and there was no hope to go to; find the living people. Last week, sewage pillows were washed on land on the French coast, which was taken to the Salas machine. On Sunday, two boats began to routinely find seabed. The research was funded by private donations.


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