20 minutes – Sunrise will transfer UPC to Switzerland for 6.3 billion males

Grossfusion on the Swiss telecommunications market: Sunrise will UPC transferred Switzerland and paid 6.3 billion bins for that. This is intended to create a stronger and stronger challenge for Swisscom.

Sunrise and the UPC of Switzerland will combine two companies that have a " compiled to a degree. Sunrise is strong in mobile communications, UPC in the Internet and TV business. To date, the UPC of Switzerland has a large British network of British Liberty Global.

The activity enhances the Sunrise position as two strong numbers in mobile television, TV, broadband and telephony based line, the company said on Wednesday night. UPC of the internet is "attractive and attractive" with a high-level broadband internet and its own TV content and a 17,500-kilometer-needle swing network.

Swisscom Challenge

Sunrise boss, Olaf Swantee, thinks it's a "big chance". As a result, Switzerland will provide a stronger telecommunications provider with a very good infrastructure – including a UPC and 4G cable network and also a 5G mobile phone network of Sunrise .

"We want to move their market," he said on Wednesday afternoon to the AWP news agency. The new Sunrise wants to be a major Swisscom award.

In terms of numbers, Sunrise has a market share, including UPC, of ​​24 per cent for mobile writers, 30 per cent for broadband internet and 31 per cent for TV business with 1.4 million TV users.

increase capital

Sunrise gets 6.3 billion males and will also cost a new capital department. In concurrence, Sunrise 3.6 billion francs pays for part of the outstanding UPC debt.

The remaining part of the 2.7 billion purchase price is funded by Sunrise by issuing a right of rights of 4.1 billion Swiss francs. This one goes to money to Liberty Global. The remainder will pay a current debt of 1.1 billion.

Sunrise expects the service to be closed in the second half of 2019. It is expected that the authorities will compete in the second or third quarter of 2019. Panagiotis can not Spiliopoulos, Research Chief of Vontobel, thinks 20 minutes later that the authorities have a complaint on their union.

The Sunrise / UPC company had come to an effect on the CHF revenue of 3.17 billion in the financial year 2018. Together, the number of companies in the industry is a reality. Coming with an enhanced EBITDA of 1.24 billion employment income.

But compared to Swisscom, the new company is still a small fish. The head of his business created sales sales and an active profit of 4.2 billion Swiss that was nearly 11.7 billion last year.

Synergy and work cuts?

The Sunrise merchant expects the arrangements to cost and invest in 190 million francs every year from the third year after completing his / her; business. In addition, from the fifth year after the tenancy campaigns, there are about 45 million francs.

Sunrise CEO Swantee did not want to say what the translation means for staff. "It's too early for that." He said, however, that its impact on service departments and sales teams would be moderate. On the other hand, there is a reduction to be expected in administration and administration.

At UPC it was said that one could think that there would be a reduction in duplication. "How this works is still open. The process should be clear and fair. The jobs should be filled with the best people," said spokesman Alexandra Bini. The level of disqualification is still unknown. That's in the hands of Sunrise.

Sunrise is doing better

At the same time as the construction, Sunrise published the figures for the 2018. financial year. Sales rose from 1.2 per cent to 1.88 billion Swiss francs. EBITDA's enhanced deployed profit profits moved slightly by 1.1 percent to 601 million Swiss timber.

Net profits still have 107 million at the bottom. In the previous year, 505 million francs had still entered the cash register, which resulted in the sales of a 2200 antenna tree. This was added to 420 million francs. As well as selling crann, net profit in 2018 was up 3.4%.

UPC was not as good. In the 2018 financial year, it left an income of 3.7 per cent directly across CHF 1.30 billion. The reason for this is the hardest competition and customer development in the last areas. The operating profit has fallen dramatically.

In the last twelve months, UPC has made a huge loss to its customers. The biggest was the largest in the TV industry. And at the end of the year, the decline has risen rapidly. In the fourth quarter, UPC revenue was successful with 5.1 per cent.

Sunrise also assumes that the financial development of the UPC 2019 will be negative again and will be around 2018. However, the new owner believes that the UPC position is to be endorsement, focusing on operational measures such as a new TV video platform and limited donations.

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