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What can I do 1 hour troponin test?

Myocardialis is still a major cause of death in Germany. Around 49,000 people die each year in this country. There are 220,000 people suffering from & # 39; are treated annually in German hospitals as a result of heart attack. In addition, there are a high number of unresolved issues, because a patient's heart is not aware that they are very uncertain. Other patients, on the other hand, think they are unsure about being so. The signs are not always clear. There is now a fast new test to ensure that treatment is faster and safer for heart attack.

With the support of the German Heart Foundation, the Foundation Foundation for Heart Research (DSHF) successfully completed a new rapid test test called an 1 hour troponin test to detect a heart attack in 1,500 high patients at risk. The test will search within an hour if a heart attack is present or not. This is essential for treatment as well as those affected.

An early test for an in-heart attack should be done quickly and reliably whether or not there is a heart attack. (Image: fege / fotolia.com)

There can be many faces of heart attack

As experts in the heart of the Heart Heart German report, a heart attack have emerged in different ways. Many people suffering from & # 39; A complaint about burning and dying; hitting the coffin that is related to tight sense. Others will describe their features as a radiating pain that's ran from the sternum into the arms, shoulder scales, neck, neck and upper abdomen. In addition, consistent features such as massive sweeping, sweeping and breathing can occur. Some patients show signs as clear.


Many of the symptoms associated with heart attack can also identify other diseases. "The disease can be tested faster and safer already, the fastest faster the proper remedy can be maintained and better than the cure for patients," a & # 39 ; Doctor 's diploma explained Dr. MED. Willibald Hochholzer in a press release about the new method of criticism. To date, doctors have been using electrocardiogram to & # 39; Most to explore sheep streams. However, this is not the main criterion that forms the basis of an inception heart attack.

The protein product represents heart damage

Heart experts explain that only one reliable test can be done; using the troponin known as this. It's a complex protein complex that is a? help muscle muscle cells to make a contract, and make sure that the heart is reaching his position as a blood pupp. If muscle cells get so oxygen too small due to obstacles, the troponin will be discharged to the blood. Based on the German Heart Foundation, this also occurs in other diseases where the heart is damaged, such as distressed worms, a fat excavation or some of the arrogance of a friend. "These patients, as a result of an oxygen-related offense, also get a type of adults and do not include empty, myocardial cycle type 2, "explains Professor Hochholzer.

Everything seems to be right cure

After the relevant purpose has decided to make the correct case. When you talk about heart attack, it is a first-class micocardial bone membrane that is a? mean. It is usually necessary to handle it as soon as possible by & # 39; Opening the coronated artery again with a balloon and inserting a stent. "The test is working well to close a heart attack, even in a patient at risk," the professor proposes the test results.

How does the 1-hour troponin test work?

The test shows that there is a troponin in the blood. The Algorithm known as Troponin-Diagnose-Diagnose that is 1 hour recognizes within one hour if there is a heart attack or not. The new test is proposed in the current European Association of Charts (ESC) guidelines for patients with heart attack suspicion. At this time, the test is to be developed in a way that can also make a difference to mycocardial I from mybal cardiovascular type 2. (G)

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