A postcard refuses to investigate and report a FT report; Submit ad – stock will fall again 8:02:19

Pay service provider Wirecard has been rejected on the Financial Times (FT) report on its residential research in Singapore.

The authorities in Singapore had investigated the office of their company in a state; Opposition against Wirecard payment process allegations. A police spokesman in Singapore has already been able to look at the authorities; case.

The business paper has repeatedly recounted a possible accountable scandal of a Wirecard in Singapore, resulting in the sliding of recycling value for a DAX and TecDAX registered group. Friday left to rescue paper 12.54 per cent in the negative at 96.86 euros per unit certification.

Corporate representatives met with law enforcement officers at Wirecard headquarters in the Friday morning state state to provide the police with extensive material for the investigation of allegations made by the FT. A postcard referred to the allegations again as "incredible".

Last Thursday, write the paper, announcing a preliminary report from a law firm, that WireCard should have brought forward funding in Asia, which is known as a round trip. A postcard now wants, as announced in the morning, to proceed legally against its newspaper.

"After such media broadcasting, the start of the inspection is a normal process," said the company. "We ensure that we complete our internal compliance checks correctly and that those results are available to the public." The formal one was ahead, a positive decision about misconduct associated with listing in Singapore would result in research within the relevant department or external study of legal group. There was no danger at all and we did not have any corrections or changes in the bookkeeping department, "said Chief Executive Marcus Braun to the" Handelsblatt "at the beginning of the week.

The market is analyzed for market management

The public procurator in Munich has put forward a pricing review of the prices of a Wirecard pay service provider. The authority will investigate because it is possible to & # 39; Market handling against an unidentified face, a spokeswoman said on a Friday demand in Munich.

The company sent a complaint to her; prosecution. However, the authority is constantly investigating an ex officio if it is; start a starter study. Against the own Wirecard managers, the Attorney General's Office is Munich, I do not still have a "#; See any suspicion from handling a & # 39; market.

Historically a court has been accused of problematic business practices, but to date the allegations from depressing sources have not left anything on their company. Inspectors and experts can see in Kurscapriolen; Previously also try to sell short sellers called the money on the # 39; stock market with falling stock prices.

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