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Aldi Reminder: Erstickungsgefahr due to plastic in a number of materials

A number of materials have been donated from the Aldi range. Due to the lack of technology in producing hard plastic aircraft, it is likely that they have come into the packs.

Munich – Due to the technical instability of Aldi's supplier's center, various designs of porridge will be returned from the discounter shelf. The company "SchapfenMühle GmbH & Co. KG" from Ulm could "not be sure for sure," which might be in separate packages from Hartplastiksplitter ".

Porridge was spelled "Schapfen" and brochan of "Gletscherkrone" affected

Effects on different materials are from the range. From "Schapfen" across the country, these are the changes of "Cranberry Kokos" marram grass (the best date (before MHD): 18 February 2020), "Aronia Sour Cherry (before the following 6 March 2020) "Orange Ginger" and "Nature" (MHD: 17 February 2020 and 30 April 2020) Also, articles that are only available from Aldi Nord: "Glacier Crown Porridge" in "Raspberry Pomegranate" and "Vanilla Honey" (best by: 13 December 2019) and "Ice Cream-free" with "Cloud", "Chocolate", "apple sinamon" and "wild berry" (MHD: January 15, 2020).

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These versions of the 'oat meal' are only available in some Aldi Nord companies. Here the company "SchapfenMühle" lists: Greven, Großbeeren, Greiz, Horst, Bad Laasphe, Lingen, Hannoversch Münden, Rinteln, Salzgitter, Seevetal, Schloß-Holte, Regm, Weimar, Werl and Weyhe.

The small plastic plastic fragments could be: The results which the remembrance affects in the second sight.

© SchapfenMühle

It could lead to respiratory problems

Hard plastic spikes would be out in proportion to the size and risk of danger cut and cut into mouth and neck. Furthermore, the parts of the body may cause breathless distress when they are swallowed – the risk of choking can not be completely stopped.

Porridge material with shelf life data can be returned to the stores for the refund of the purchase price. According to "SchapfenMühle" the trading companies already known and requesting the removal of goods. "This was done immediately.

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