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Aldi's widow counts in her will by descendants

Widow Aldi Cäcilie Albrecht is opposing the heirs to live at the supermarket of Aldi Nord. In her will, she seems to have stopped her daughter and her children from doing important roles in the company.

Cäcilie Albrecht († 92), along with her husband Theo († 88), were created with the discreet emperor Aldi Nord. She was important in that until her death in November 2018 – Aldi her life. As the “Sonntag” goes on, it was opened in February in the Essen district court. This clearly shows what her estates are "Cecily".

After his final victory, five children should not play their late sons Berthold in Aldi Nord group. Newspapers tell the story from the widows: "The big Jakobus events like me … have made me sleepless nights. Because I understand I can't give the same thing either. the like… even meaning that the Markus Foundation is happening. "

A strict dispute over legacy rights

The multi-member multi-billion pound organization has three bases – called Markus, Lukas and Jakobus. These are intended to protect Aldi Nord from taking over. The Markus Foundation has a shareholder of 61%. For important decisions, the three constitutions must be agreed.

For the power of the Jakobus Foundation last year there was a bitter legacy amongst the daughter-in-law Babette Albrecht and the five children left them up. In recent years, Babette Albrecht and five children have poured more than 100 million euros from the Jakobus Foundation. In the courtroom "Cilly" and his son Theo won.

Now, according to a "Sonntag" research, Theo Albrecht and his daughter are about to have an overall impact in the organization. The five grandsons and Babette are to be held away from the board of the victorious Markus Foundation. This is what Cäcilie Albrecht wants.

"Unable to take lead responsibility"

Their five grandchildren and daughter-in-law were already buried in service in November 2018.

"Cecily" will continue: "Through this document, I am ensuring that we are maintaining our family's philosophy, to serve and promote the Aldi Nord group, and to continue to promote and nurture our family." delay their interests and use a limited and proportionate lifestyle.

Berthold's sons had been clear that they were accepting this philosophy and so were "unfit to take on senior responsibility within Markus Foundation". (NBB)

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