Alpine ski: Daniel Yule, President FIS Kasper

After the recent interview with FIS President Gian Franco Kasper, many athletes have a fist. Only Daniel Yule is getting a & # 39; board!

Daniel Yule earns his money by going to her. behavior. Out of her pistol, Valais prefers the thread of a thread. Before this season, Madonna di Campigilo slalom buzzard in the LOOK marketed the FIS as "weak" and said TV coverage was still coming as in the 80s.

Now, Yule, who completes a parallel business degree with his racing career, President FIS President Gian Franco Kasper. The conclusion of an interview that has been given by the leader of the International Knowledge Alliance for the Tages-Anzeiger a few days ago. "Some of the statements from the president gave me astonishment," who complained to Yule.

Kasper will question the global warming

These are two president statements that have been very hard at the age of 25. Gian Franco Kasper explores the global warming since the final Olympics are lower in South Korea and the World Cup is currently in Sweden. "There is no proof. We have snow, sometimes a lot."

Yules Konter: "For me, this statement is a testament to how far away Mr Kasper had from our sport. If he was visiting us once in the summer during the winter snow training, he would also see the downstream glaciers and what the future ski is at risk. "

Yule also produces the following Kasper product very angry: "That's just that it is easier for us to do in dinners. From a business perspective, I say: I just want to go to the dinners , I do not want to argue with environmentalists. "

«It does not want to direct leaders»

Yule: "With this dedication for a debate, Mr Kasper makes it clear that he is a President, he does not want to get involved in discussions with us. That's really missed, finally I have a & # 39; ran for the FIS for his career as an athlete spokesman. »

At the same time, Yule fears he can not say "his" FIS president in the IOC. Background: As the International Olympic Committee has introduced "guileotine age" to headteachers that start from the age of 70, Kasper 75 years is now eligible to vote in IOC. "At this time Skisport does not know around the world and we are fighting for a livelihood. That's why we now need a voice from the world's largest sporting society."

So Daniel Yule wants to continue his fight. And with Aksel Lund Svindal, he has a high quality candidate before being elected as an FIS spokesperson at an athlete. Norwegian star star told LOOK at Lauberhorn racing: "Daniel is very interesting. In my opinion, it would be a good person for this work."

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