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Amber Heard will be answering Johnny Depp for $ 50 million

In March, Johnny Depp joined the president Amber Heard for an appeal at $ 50 million. Now the actor looks back and gives a detailed description of how he should be abused.

Two years after the divorce, Amber Heard (32) and Johnny Depp (55) continue to fight public silk battle. Just in March, Depp devised a $ 50 million quiz for damages: The actress is being shocked by Hollywood star. Heard had complained of domestic abuse. It is said that the reason for the legality was an article written by Heard in December 2018 for the Washington Post. In it, the actor described his knowledge of domestic violence from a public point of view. After its million-dollar mill, the Amber Heard vessels will now be back.

In new court documents, Heard gives a detailed description of a series of situations in which Depp entered her drugs and alcohol. The Alice in Wonderland star is said to have hit and choked, as are the "New York Post" reports. Heard says that her husband was "a completely different person," "often being vandalized and violent," when he used drugs and alcohol. “We gave this name to Johnny the monster,” he wrote in the newspapers.

Depp was jealous of a love scene by James Franco

"Sometimes, when Johnny was dressing up illegally and taking drugs at the same time, I had to get medical attention for him," Heard said. "If he was taking something, I was worried about both of us. "In court documents, she also shows that Depp refused the charges of violence several times." Johnny's memory often was not carried after his drink, "she writes." So loved Johnny, I believed in many promises that it would be better. I was wrong.

Heard explains what happened to this event, which happened in May 2014 in a private hide from Boston to Los Angeles. Depp was scrapped because James Franco (40) had a jealousy of his love: Amber Heard made the film "The Adderall Diaries" by the actor.

«Johnny kicked me in the back»

Johnny Depp drank a lot during the flight. "Tell his fellow guests that he was upset about the romantic outlook I had named by James Franco the previous day," Heard said. "Johnny started throwing me things. I just changed a place that didn't stop him. He shouted at me and called the name James Franco. So I rose up and kicked Johnny back… I fell down, Johnny shook my shoe when I was on the floor and he continued to shout, missing him and locking him in the toilet for the rest of the kitchen. trip. "

Heard says Depp received an apology after the event and wrote, "Once again, I am embarrassed and sorry. I am sorry I don't know what happened or why it happened. I don't again, I love you, and I regret that I left you. ”Depp, as the assistant helped Heard, never remembered the incident, and he was horrified at him. was told he had kicked out in the back and he began to cry.

«A few times, thrown to the floor, choked»

In March 2015, just a month after the wedding, according to Heard, the other revival occurred. Depp, who was considered so clean, was in Australia on a three-day ecstasy trip and did not sleep. B & # 39 was his first argument that Depp had maintained his position – after all, he had prevented his use of exercise. "Johnny shouted me, I pulled my face and threw me to the mare," said Heard. The next day, Depp used alcohol and MDMA.

In the afternoon, Depp was thrown several times, throwing it into the ground, storing it, and skimming the face. The actor started throwing glass bottles and dying Heard's hair. For three days Depp had gone again and again – when he hit the same time and hit a phone against the wall, he had cut a piece of it.

"Johnny had cooled all over the house"

On the third day she got out of the house: "Johnny had left me many messages throughout the house, on the wall and on my clothes, written by the blood of his injured branch and oil paint." Johnny has been cleaning all over the house. " Depp was taken to hospital after the incident, and a hearth was broken at Heard, a nose which was bruised and cut across his body. She still wants to get sites from the event on the body.

Amber Heard admits that he has also affected Depp. She was later affected by her self-defense in March 2015 after she tried to attack her young sister Whitney. "I was worried about her safety and I hit Johnny in the foreground to turn his attention away from her. That was the one time I ever hit Johnny."

In December 2015, after pulling in a fight in the flat they received in Los Angeles, he pulled him down. "He threw the big lumps of my hair and comb from my head," said Heard.

She told him to leave him and tell the police. He went out to knock it, hitting her and screaming that he was going to kill her. She was afraid of death. "I was scared of Johnny in the ballad and he didn't understand what he was doing – and that he could kill me."

Just in May 2016, when Depp thrown out he threw a cell of cell in the face of his old wife with full strength, he heard separation after 15 months of getting married. (Kad)

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