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Basel's tank Tanja Grandits talks about Tim Mälzer

Basel's Basel, Tanja Grandits, had the grass, which was at the same level at a meeting with Tim Mälzer. Despite this, she participated in the "Kitchen Impossible" showcase yesterday.

It was shaken! Tanja Grandits (48) from Basel has been lost in the "Kitchen Impossible" yesterday settlement against Tim Mälzer (48) television chef in the short run. And so, although the choice of Switzerland did everything: she needed to catch fish and take her own out – that was not quite at all. 2-star chef from the Rheinknie. He was even bad because of smell and blood of the duck!

Mälzer did not recognize sperm carp

At the same time Tim Mälzer had a hole – a taste: So he knows his food with carvine, heavy-throated brot and dagger that is not an important thing; there: sperm! Despite the advice of Tanja Grandits by letter (see the film above): "A friend, as a chef you are sperm … But every million times after hit. " But there were shoes on the pipes. The trick from Austria, Walter Triebl, who was behind the court, arranged the settlement: "At the end, it's a carp of milk in the male seeds or seed seeds in a & # 39; charp. "

Mälzer was also enough to win, the guests reached 12.8 points, and # 39; 1.1 points more than Tanja Grandits. Does she lament her participation? The Basler appeared to take part first, as she appeared in a pre-exhibition interview. "It's obvious that it's obvious that it's not the kind of thing for it," said Stucki's Basel restaurant in the "Zürichsee-Zeitung" about the Vox exhibition.

«Meeting unhappy with virgins»

Due to an "old story" she did not wish to do something by Tim Mälzer, she said. "I was not so hard to meet it on the cookery show" The Taste "for a few years ago and got it really awesome," a & # 39; remembers Grandits.

Then, the Hamburg chef team believes they should "take part in the" Double Kit "- just to throw a man." But I just did not want that, "said Grandits, who turned several Offers since then from the Vox television channel.

Koch took an allegation with flowers

Now that she is now splitting her & # 39; spoon to cause a bad smile to worry the TV chef. "After that, I watched my series of the program with my daughter for the first time – and I did not think it was so bad." Her last grandfather took her away, after that.

And Mälzer had a lot of trouble when they met again the last time, so the chef was a conciliatory star. "He apologized for our meeting in recent years. He even raised flowers from my neighbors." (Wyt)

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