BioWare could repeat a single game again

With BioWare no one can shut down that the same thing is to be done; Once again he became a game player, as it was earlier.

screen shot

One idea that Electronic Arts wants to go from purely clean games. At the same time, BioWare has a four-game co-op based Games-in-Service, Anthem. Despite this, BioWare does not have to do & # 39; develop single-clean titles in the future.

BioWare's Head of Life Service, Chad Robertson, did not want to eliminate such a return: "I think everything is possible. […] In his opinion, it depends on what individual developers want to do and what matches a game series. Does it work better than a solo player or multi-player experience? "

Many can have a different idea of ​​different format, according to Chad Robertson. When considering BioWare for the next game, then look at each idea and evaluate accordingly. If you want to create something, it may be a classic one-fold game again.

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